AgNovos Healthcare

AgNovos Healthcare

Derwood, Maryland

GC: Coakley Williams

Owner: AgNovos

Project Description

AgNovos is a 31,500 sq-ft. health care facility located in Derwood, Maryland, with a focus on bone disease treatment.

The one-story health care facility contains approximately 30 individual offices – along with an additional 20 cubicles in a shared space – five conference rooms, six bathrooms, five lab spaces within a central location, a general warehouse and a clean room.

In a trade partnership with Coakley Williams, Mallick Mechanical Contractors was contracted to complete all the plumbing for the new healthcare facility.

Mallick Mechanical installed a gas water heater with a storage tank, four shared bathroom spaces – all of which received fabricated carriers – a men’s and women’s water closet, a drinking fountain with a remote chiller, a lab sink with an eye wash station, a pantry sink and an emergency shower.

Polyvinylidene Fluoride (PVDF) piping was also implemented to deliver staff with Deionized Water, which was outlined in the project’s scope, along with compressed air piping, a compressor and filters to feed the laboratories.

The Strategy

Mallick Mechanical made a heightened effort to get involved early with the six-month project to confirm all schedules, materials and project layout were prepared for the project to progress successfully and meet all deadlines. Mallick leadership also structured meetings during the initial project phases with Coakley Williams and other relative trade partners to understand expectations and fashion an efficient structure for communication.

Within the early stages, Mallick Mechanical determined that fusion welding was deemed the best method of installation for the PVDF piping by the manufacturer. To confirm Mallick Mechanical’s installation procedure remained the most efficient and relevant method, Mallick leadership invited the manufacture onsite to demonstrate the recommended Fusion welding installation process.

Mallick Mechanical precisely installed the PVDF piping with no major errors and required no additional time to be allocated to this portion of the project.

The Result

After completing the 6-month project, Mallick Mechanical was asked to return in 2015 to improve the AgNovos facility and add more useful resources for the staff. Understanding future work in the labs was expected and that the team would return, the Mallick team proactively capped the Deionized Water line years prior.

Mallick Mechanical spent just under a week installing a steamer/washer that was connected to the facility’s clean room and give the healthcare team a convenient sterilization process on their tools prior to usage.

The communication between AgNovos, Coakley Williams and Mallick Mechanical gave the Mallick team the ability to easily prepare and institute the additional steamer at a later date and provide them a much needed and very important resource for future use.

Mallick Mechanical recognizes the importance of AgNovos and the work its team completes. The Mallick team was happy to provide reliable plumbing that assists health care professionals improve their patients’ quality of life.