Executive Plaza

Executive Plaza

Rockville, MD

Contract Value: $3,413,351.00

GC: Coakley & Williams Construction

Owner: Monument Realty

Engineer: WB Engineers & Consultants

Project Description

Monument Realty had recently purchased the two buildings located at 6120 and 6130 Executive Blvd. The buildings, constructed in the late 1980’s, still had the original core self-contained units feeding the tenant spaces. The existing condenser water system fed a total of 38 Self-Contained Units throughout the 2 buildings. In addition, the perimeter of the building is heated using hot water fin tube. In addition every core restroom was to be updated with new fixtures to accompany ADA requirements and updated finishes. Mallick worked with the General Contractor, Mechanical Engineer, and Owner from the conceptual level to help develop the scope of work and a realistic budget as the project moved towards construction.

The largest challenge consisted of planning the delivery and installation of the 38 self-contained units into core spaces that had limited access and space. The new units were slightly larger than the originals, which meant that each space had to be specifically coordinated with the unit that it was to receive. Mallick also contracted with Siemens to upgrade both buildings control backbone and to bring the HW fin-tube under control. New control valves and balance valves were installed in over 90 locations. Modification of the existing metal cabinet housing the fin-tube was necessary due to the size of the control valve actuators and the need to maintain accessibility to them.

Building renovations and upgrades always bring an extra level of logistical challenge to them. Despite the logistical challenges of renovation work Mallick Mechanical successfully upgraded the Mechanical and Plumbing systems on time and under budget.